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Already Pregnant Package

Have you been driving yourself crazy wondering what sex your baby might be?
Have you tried the wedding ring test, done the draino test, or looked up many
of the wives tales that try to hint at the sex of your baby ?
Well here's another few that you can try for fun.

Are you currently pregnant and curious to find out about your baby?

Smart Stork 's Already Pregnant Programs offer so much to the pregnant woman.
Once you have purchased the Already Pregnant Package you can do the following.


he Already Pregnant Gender Predictor

This is a step by step program that will ask you for your pregnancy details you will be
required to enter your last menstrual period date and either the date and time of your
first positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit ) result or your estimated date of ovulation.

If you are unsure of your exact date of ovulation and are going by your due date and
scan dating to help work it out you can use the program several times....

and enter a few possible ovulation dates to see what the sex would be in a few different
scenarios, or wait for your scans to enter your ovulation dates.

Due Date Calculator

Your due date will be displayed each time you use the Gender Predictor and is based
on the date of ovulation/conception. It is common for women to deliver their babies
within 10 days either side of their due date.

Heart Rate Program

It is believed by many that your baby's resting heart rate gives us clues to the baby's sex...
Every time you find out what your baby's resting heart rate is you can login and enter it to
 see what this old wives tale would predict.  This is a bit of fun ~ but some midwives swear
 by it as a gender prediction tool..  so why not give it a go?

The only trick is making sure the baby IS resting before you find out the heart rate...
a baby doing sommersaults will have a higher heart rate than a sleeping baby so it can
require a little guesswork unless you see in the ultrasound that the baby is in fact asleep.
Maybe you could have a walk or listen to music on the way to your Dr's appointment ???
So you get multiple gender predictions ! at no extra cost
After clicking on the next button your result will be automatically generated and displayed.

Remember this service is a bit of fun ! There is no way we can possibly know all of the details
pertaining to your conception attempt, especially the date of ovulation and so cannot stress
enough the gender prediction is only as accurate as the date of ovulation so if you used an
opk then your gender prediction will be much more accurate than if you are just guessing
when ovulation may have occurred. The predictions are based on completely healthy individuals
who did not undertake any gender selection techniques with the conception in question.
If you did follow a gender selection method of course that will sway your prediction toward the
sex you were trying for.
Gene Pool Program

When you purchase the Already Pregnant Package you will have the use of the Smart Stork Gene
Pool Program so you can find out what characteristics your baby will inherit from you, and what
characteristics your baby will inherit from your partner. To find out more about the Gene Pool
Program click here



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