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The Douche

A very important component in our gender selection system is the use of a douche. To increase your chances of a baby of your preferred gender is conceived at the time of conception an acid or alkaline douche is recommended. The male producing sperm are immobilised in an acidic environment and are encouraged and thrive in an alkaline environment.

Dr Felix Unterburger had made observations with respect to alkalinity and acidity and gender predetermination. Women recommended to use an alkaline douche (for overcoming fertility problems) conceived a higher than usual number of boys. Other Doctors followed up on Dr Unterburgers' findings with similar results, an alkaline environment is preferential to male sperm penetration of the ovum and an acidic environment is preferential to female sperm penetration of the ovum.

We recommend that you use an alkaline/ acidic douche at the time of your natural conception date as well as at the time of your mid cycle ovulation as this will increase your chances of success.

Douching (washing out the vagina) with the recommended solution is entirely safe, however it is important that you make the solution as per the instructions provided, and douche prior to intercourse.

We recommend that you use the douche at all fertile times while trying to conceive.

The recipe and instructions for the douches are available to those that purchase the Gender Selection System.


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