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Smart Stork Twins Program

Twins are amazing little miracles ~ and the cause for their conception is absolutely fascinating! Did you know that one out of every 89 pregnancies results in twins.

What would it feel like if you were to find out you were pregnant with twins?

Most people believe that its just a random uncontrollable occurrence, but Im not so sure!...............

We have done a lot of research and have found several conditions that are thought to increase your chances of twins and several other factors that have been proven to increase your chances of conceiving twins.

Coupled with our Gender selection program ~ you can try for twin boys, twin girls or one of each!

So have a look below to see what your natural chances are and join the Twins program to learn all of the things you can do to increase your chances above 1 in 89!


Hi Stacey, I just wanted to Thank you again

for helping me to get my boys they are

absolutely beautiful! A.R. (Australia)

       What are your chances of twins ?

Maternal age A woman over 35 has a far higher chance of conceiving twins than does a women in her early twenties.

Why? because as a women approaches menopause her body recognizes that she has a large store of eggs and begins dropping two at a time to get rid of them before menopause sets in...

The other reason women start releasing more than one egg at a time is increased FSH as she gets older this stimulates more than one follicle to mature at a time then when the LH surge occurs the most mature follicles rupture.

BMI A Womans Height and Weight have something to do with twin conceptions, women in the top 25% in height and women with a BMI body mass index of 30 or higher had a greater chance of conceiving twins


Having a family history of twins is a factor, you may be carrying a gene that causes you to release more than one egg at a time; this is called hyper-ovulation.

Your husband on the other hand may have inherited a protein that causes the egg to split in two increasing the chance of identical twins.

Mothers of twins already If you have already conceived one set of twins then chances are very high that you will again, either you have the gene for hyper-ovulation or your husband carries the gene for a protein that causes an egg to split. If you have conceived twins in the past, your chance of conceiving twins again jumps to 1 in 5!

Ethnicities African American women have a higher chance of conceiving twins than other races. Asian and Hispanic have the lowest twinning rates of all races.

We believe the conception of twins is now a very real possibility!

Did you know that you can increase the chances of conceiving twins? We have been very busy researching all known factors that influence the conception of twins.... and put it all together in an easy to follow, step by step guide to increase your chance of twins

If you want to try for specific gender twins you will need to purchase both gender selection system and the twins package.
We believe that fraternal twins of the same sex and of different sexes are the result of conception at the time of ones natural conception date as well as a second conception at the time of ones mid cycle ovulation, in all of the cases I have seen the natural conception date  was a number of hours (up to 4 days) either side of the normal mid-cycle ovulation.

The sexes of the twins were consistent with the pH of the follicular fluid and reproductive tract at the time of each ovulation (natural conception date and mid-cycle ovulation). There are several other factors that are known to increase the chances of twins which is available in our twins package that you can purchase on its own or with the Gender Selection System.


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