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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

If you have a question that is not answered here, send us an email and we will post your question and answer as soon as possible

Q. How does your system work?
A. From the womans birth details we are able to generate a biorhythm chart indicating her natural conception dates each month, we are also able to determine the conditions under which every ovulation should occur.

The pH of the womans follicular fluid in the reproductive tract should alternate between acid and alkaline every couple of days, with every month at the time of ovulation, the conditions will be right for either conception of a boy or a girl, not both.

Timing your conception attempt cannot change the acidity or alkalinity of the follicular fluid (even with orgasm) and so cannot change which sex will be conceived if your ovum is fertilized, however by combining several methods you may be able to sway the odds.

In the members section we supply you with your next natural conception date each month and the chances of a boy or a girl being conceived at the time of your next mid-cycle ovulation, along with a complete checklist and instructions for all other methods that we believe can increase your chances of success when trying for a specific gender baby.

Q. What is your system based on?
A. Many years of research into every conceivable natural method for gender selection was done(those with any credibility), and it came to our attention that at the time of each ovulation only one gender could be conceived.

Some methods are based on the moon, some positively or negatively charged ions present on the ovum, some based on diet to change the conditions within the reproductive tract, some based on a douche to change the pH of the cervical mucus and others still, with timing ovulation based on the life and strength of sperm ~ these explanations simply weren’t good enough, as there was no concrete evidence that any of these methods work. Dr. Shettles method for example has been extremely popular over the past 30 years but unfortunately there have been an equal number of studies that produce the opposite results ~ making it obvious that it is not the sperm that is responsible for the gender of the baby but the womans reproductive tract and her bodily fluids at the time of intercourse and ovulation. Dr Shettles did amazing work in relation to the life and mobility of sperm which is invaluable to all gender selection methods.

We needed to find out what it was that caused either sex baby or either type of sperm to successfully penetrate the ovum and decided to study the reproductive tract concentrating our efforts on human follicular fluid and cervical mucus, as we believe these fluids play the crucial role in gender determination. We took into consideration all studies that have been performed relating to gender selection and the effect different solutions have on X bearing or Y bearing sperm.

We had a break through when we located a study that was able to identify 4 distinct fractions that make up the human follicular fluid in the follicular phase of a womans cycle. One of which displayed a fluctuating nature, peaking at an acid pH then the substances’ natural precursor took over to peak at neutral until it peaked at an alkaline pH and peaking again at neutral, and so the fluctuation continued, acid – neutral – alkaline – neutral, this was the breakthrough we needed to formulate our system.

Dr. Shettles was able to conclude from his studies that alkaline conditions immobilized the X bearing sperm and that acidic conditions immobilized the Y bearing sperm, linking each important aspect together ~ the sperm and the follicular fluid which surrounded the ovum. Our next step was to gather case studies and have a mathematician work out the fluctuation rate of the mystery fraction that alternated pH in the follicular fluid. We gathered thousands of womens birth and conception details; which were analyzed and our program was finally written, tested and made available to you.

Q. I thought the pH of the reproductive tract was always acidic.
A. The pH of the womans vagina is different to the pH of her cervical mucus and that is different also to the pH of her follicular fluid. The pH of a womans vagina will ensure a healthy environment is maintained, the cervical mucus is responsible for nourishing the sperm and assisting their transport to the fallopian tubes and is also the first filter for abnormal sperm. The follicular fluid contains fractions with a fluctuating pH it is this fluid that the sperm has to swim through in order to complete the fertilization process, we believe when this fluid contains acidic fractions the female producing sperm will swim through with ease and increase the chances of a baby girl being conceived, and when it contains alkaline fractions the male producing sperm will swim through with ease and increase the chances of a baby boy being conceived. This is how Mother Nature has been able to ensure a reasonably equal number of male and female babies are produced each year.

It has been recognized that male producing sperm are immobilized in an acidic solution and thrive in an alkaline solution.

If the entire reproductive tract was always alkaline women would suffer from constant vaginal infections (that thrive in an alkaline environment) and all babies conceived would be male. If it were always acidic the environment would be too hostile for sperm to live, all babies conceived would be female and a constant acidic environment would lead to fertility problems.

It is this basis that we are able to advise you on the best methods for gender selection

Q. Why are my cycles irregular?
A. Our reproductive cycle or biorhythm is in place from the moment we are born and set in motion at the onset of menstruation. It is the very delicate and precise balance of hormones that is responsible for keeping the cycle going. As Human beings we often do things that are detrimental to our health and disrupt our hormones creating an imbalance. There are many things that can do this like the use of artificial or synthetic hormones (the pill), smoking, excessive alcohol or drug use, poor diet or nutritional deficiencies and even stress. You can try some of the fertility enhancing techniques and suggestions found on our website, and see your doctor for hormone level tests and a personal diagnosis.

Keep in mind before going to your doctor it would be advantageous to have at least two cycle charts that he/she can use as a guide for an easier diagnosis.

Q. What if my natural conception dates are not mid cycle?
A. You can try to conceive at the time of your natural conception dates at any time in your cycle, if a high level of excitement is reached you may experience what is known as 'spontaneous ovulation'.

You have probably heard of women whose conception dates don’t seem to fit with the traditional pregnancy planner, when our dates don’t seem right doctors usually blame the patient who 'must have got their dates wrong' this is sometimes the result of spontaneous ovulation, which can occur at any time during the cycle even mid period. You may know of someone who has conceived during a period.

It is possible for you to conceive a baby of your preferred gender at the time of your natural conception dates or at the time of your mid cycle ovulation ~ the choice is yours.

Q. How can I find out which sex can be conceived at the time of my mid cycle ovulation?
A. Become a Smart stork member and our gender predictor will work out your chances of conceiving a boy or a girl every month at the time of your mid-cycle ovulation. We also supply you with all of the methods we believe can increase your chances of success. While we can supply you with all the information we feel necessary to increase your chance of success we have no way of knowing if all or any of the advice is followed, so ultimately the choice lies in your hands.

We urge women to use an ovulation prediction kit twice daily before their final conception attempt, as this is by far the most accurate method for determining when ovulation should occur.

We keep a record of your LMP dates and input details (such as your usual cycle day of ovulation and your first positive OPK results) as well as all instructions returned to you for your conception attempt.

Q. What is an Ovulation predictor kit?
A. An ovulation predictor kit or OPK is a test that recognizes the 'LH surge' (luteinizing hormone) in your body.

This 'LH surge' is the indicator that ovulation is about to occur. The first positive OPK result will usually be followed by ovulation within 24 – 48 hours. (Based on a sensitivity of between 20 –25 IU/ml). After your first positive OPK each cycle, you can login to the members section and see which sex baby would be conceived if you were to attempt conception, then you can decide if you would like to try or not.

You will need to test twice daily and follow the instructions on the opk box to get an accurate result and to ensure you have detected the first stages of the 'LH Surge'. If you have any problems with your opk please contact the manufacturer

Q. Where can I get an OPK?
A. OPK’s are available at most pharmacies, or you can order one online from lullaby conceptions

Q.When should I begin testing with my OPK?
A. You should start testing 3 days before you are due to ovulate twice daily, if you are unsure check the chart below to see when to start testing.

Cycle Length..Start Testing

21 days.......Day 6
22 days.......Day 6
23 days.......Day 7
24 days.......Day 7
25 days.......Day 8
26 days.......Day 9
27 days.......Day 10
28 days.......Day 11
29 days.......Day 12
30 days.......Day 13
31 days.......Day 14
32 days.......Day 15
33 days.......Day 16
34 days.......Day 17
35 days.......Day 18
36 days.......Day 19
37 days.......Day 20
38 days.......Day 21

Q. How do you explain the conception of fraternal twins, of one sex or both sexes?
A. Firstly let me point out that ours is the only gender selection method that can try to explain the conception of different sex fraternal twins.

When your current mid-cycle ovulation is within a specific number of hours either side of your natural conception date, both ovum can be released and if both are fertilized twins can be the result.

It is possible that one ovum can be released at the time of your natural conception date by way of a 'spontaneous ovulation' if a high degree of excitement is reached (orgasm), and the other ovum can be released at the time of your normal mid-cycle ovulation.

If the pH of your follicular fluid is 'the same' at the time each ovum is released, twins of the same sex may result. However, if the pH has changed by the time the second ovum is released, fraternal twins of different sexes may result. Information on how to increase or decrease your chances of twins is only available in our members section. We do not have an accuracy rate at present for women trying to conceive twins, and all advice is given to help increase your chances based on our theory.

Q. Why use a douche?
A. The use of a douche is an important addition to increase the odds in your favor. An acidic douche (to help conceive a girl) will immobilize male producing sperm, leaving mainly female producing sperm to attempt fertilization, we believe the success of the conception attempt will depend on the pH surrounding the ovum, if it is acidic the female producing sperm will be able to penetrate the egg, if it is alkaline the ovum may not be fertilized that cycle, however if any of the male producing sperm survived the acidic douche they could successfully penetrate the ovum and the conception of a baby boy would result.

If on the other hand, you use an alkaline douche (to help conceive a boy), the female producing sperm will be immobilized leaving mainly male producing sperm to attempt fertilization, a successful conception will depend on the pH surrounding the ovum at the time of ovulation, if it is alkaline then the male producing sperm can penetrate the egg, if it is acidic then the ovum may not be fertilized that cycle, however if any of the female producing sperm survived the alkaline douche they could successfully penetrate the ovum and the conception of a baby girl would result.

Q. How much of the solution should I use and when should I use it?
A. 20 – 40 mls of the solution would be enough, but you can use up to 200 mls if you like , inserted immediately prior to intercourse, at the time of all conception attempts.  The douche is used to wash out the vagina and alter the pH so you can syringe/ douche any amount of the solution inside as most of it will run out but the desired effect will be the same.  You can add some douche solution to  pre-seed and insert prior to ovulation to ensure the environment is
sperm friendly.

Q. I don’t like the thought of using a douche do I really need to use one?
A. If you answer yes to any of these questions then yes I would strongly recommend the use of a douche at the time of all conception attempts (natural conception dates as well as your mid-cycle ovulation attempts)

* Have you ever had a miscarriage?
* Have you ever had a baby with a birth defect or congenital abnormality?
* Do you have low fertility? (Does it take you many months to conceive)
* Are all of your children of the same sex? (No children of the sex you are trying to conceive)

By answering yes to any one of the above questions it is recommended that you use a douche at the time of all conception attempts.

If you answered yes to all 4 of the above questions the use of a douche is strongly recommended at the time of all conception attempts, as success without the douche may not be possible.

Q. How do I chart my basal body temperature and Cervical Mucus accurately?
A. We provide information on how to chart your 'bbt' and 'CM'. There is a site on the Internet that we can recommend, they take all of the hard work out of predicting ovulation and they offer this service for free (for a limited time)


Q.I am on the pill, when should I go off it?
A. You should go off the pill 4 months before trying to conceive. The pill can cause nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal disturbances in your body; these should be corrected before trying to conceive.

Q. Are the natural conception dates and the mid-cycle ovulation results equally as successful?
A. No some women have tried to conceive at the time of their natural conception dates unsuccessfully, but others have been successful with 'spontaneous ovulation' at the time of their NCD, all we can advise is that you try at both times, and sooner or later you should fall pregnant.

98% of the time we have had success stories from women using our system which is probably because of the combination of many techniques to increase your chances of success. Some factors and conditions are beyond our control so we cannot guarantee your success.

Ultimately all you can do is try, at least you will be able to say you gave it your best shot.

Q. What is the pregnancy rate of women using the natural conception dates as opposed to their mid-cycle ovulation?
A. It is about 70/30. the majority of our clients conceive at the time of their mid-cycle ovulation.

Q. When we attempt conception should we have intercourse only once or several times?
A. It is totally up to you, if the conditions favor the sex you are trying for I would go with the idea of ‘the more times the better’.

Q. I am thinking about using a sperm sorting method, would my chances of success be increased if I used Smart Stork as well? Should I buy a kit or use the one-month mid-cycle ovulation gender predictor?
A. Yes, the chance of success would be greatly increased, to use Microsort or a sperm separation technique you need to determine when you are about to ovulate, and have the insemination performed at the time of ovulation.

You could use the gender predictor to see what your chances of success would be. If the chances are not good that month you could politely decline the appointment and wait until the next month and see what your chance of success would be. You will need to use your first positive OPK result for a true indication.

Q. The girl diet is high in Magnesium and Calcium, could I just take supplements?
A. Yes, It should be the same as going on the girl diet as long as you avoid the foods on the boy diet and reduce your salt intake. I have been told Cranberry tablets can also acidify the reproductive tract, you might want to ask the pharmacist about those as well.

Q. My next natural conception date is only 2 days before my period is due, should I try to conceive then or wait until my next mid-cycle ovulation?
A. You can try to conceive at the time of your natural conception dates regardless of when they occur in your cycle, if you reach a high level of excitement you can spontaneously ovulate and conceive a baby. Try not to rationalize it, just accept that it is possible and concentrate on conceiving.

Q. Can I use a lemon douche instead of vinegar?
A. I am sorry that I cannot make any recommendations as to a lemon juice douche. It would be acidic but I have never heard of one being used instead of a vinegar douche, so I cannot advise either way.

Q. I am already pregnant can you tell me what sex my baby is?
A. We can try, click on the Already pregnant button and give our 'already pregnant gender predictor' a go. You will need to know your own birth details LMP date, cycle length, and for the most accurate prediction, the time and date of your first positive OPK prior to the conception ~ If you didn’t use an OPK then you must try to estimate the date that you ovulated (Not the date you had intercourse!!!)

After you put in all of your details ~ our program will work out for you the chance of a boy or a girl being conceived. The results returned will be in a percentage format 98%, 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, 75%, etc down to 60% of either Boy or Girl or if the chances were 50/50 the answer returned will be Neutral ~ cannot determine the sex.

Remember a gender prediction is only as good as your estimated date of ovulation ~ if you have no idea about your ovulation date it would be used just for fun. We do not use these gender predictions for our accuracy rate as we have no control over the conception attempt.

Q. Can I use the O+12 Method to try to conceive a girl when using Smart Stork?
A. Absolutely,you will need to wait for 44 hours after your first positive opk test before you make your conception attempt.  eg.  if your first positive opk is at 8pm on Monday then you plan to have intercourse at 4pm on Wednesday ( after you have checked the program of course to ensure conditions are favorable )

Q. I don't know my exact time of birth, will your system still work for me?
A. Yes, the more accurate your time of birth the better, but we do allow for approximate times. We ask that you put your closest hour of birth and then ask you how accurate your birth time is with several options for you to choose from;

This will ensure that the information we provide is accurate for you.

Q. Can I use The Smart Stork System while breastfeeding ?
A. Yes you can ~ as long as you are ovulating and can determine when you will ovulate (with the use of an opk) Did you know the chances of conceiving twins is increased in breastfeeding mothers?

Q. Have you had anything published in any journals regarding your system of gender selection?
A. No we have not, as our evidence is all anecdotal and not recognized by the scientific community it would be pointless and very costly to send anything for publication.

Q. I am very sceptical about your claims of 90+% success, why should I believe you have such a high success rate?
A. Good ~ you are supposed to be sceptical in this day and age, there are so many businesses just out to make a quick buck. You need to do your homework before committing to any gender selection method. Ask questions, compare prices, see if you get value for money. If you would like to try our system become a member, if you would prefer to stick with one of the other gender selection methods, then we wish you the best of luck.

We believe we have such a high success rate because we urge all clients to combine so many methods, increasing their chance of success.  I strongly recommend you to do a google search of Smart Stork and see what others are saying.

Q. Can you try to conceive every single month using Smart Stork?
A. If you are trying to conceive a particular sex baby you may not be able to try every single month. At the time of ovulation (your natural conception date and your mid cycle ovulation)the conditions present in your follicular fluid will favor the conception of a boy or a girl not both. It will all depend on your natural conception date and the conditions at the time of your mid-cycle ovulation. Some months you may get to try twice and some months only once and some months not at all. It will all depend if the conditions favor the conception of a boy or a girl at the time.

Q. I am still breastfeeding and have not yet had a period. Can I use Smart Stork now?
A. When breastfeeding three times a day or more your hormones may suppress ovulation. In order to conceive again you will need to be ovulating and having periods. As soon as you are having periods and can tell that you are ovulating ~ you will be able to start using Smart Stork. The best way to determine whether ovulation is happening or not is by using an opk (see above)

Q. Do I need to purchase opk's as well as using Smart Stork?
A. Yes, to determine ovulation the most accurate method available is the opk. It is necessary to use an opk twice daily and get a positive reading before you login to the gender predictor and attempt conception ~ only if the conditions favor the conception of your preferred sex baby to 90% or higher should you attempt conception.

Remember !!! that if you have intercourse a couple of days before you anticipate ovulation to occur and then use an opk and the results calendar returns a high chance for the opposite sex baby ~ chances are the sperm will still be alive 5 days later and you may conceive the opposite sex baby by mistake. So please do not have unprotected intercourse for the 5 days leading up to ovulation until you know the chances are high for your success!!!.

Q. What happens if my natural conception date is a few days before my mid-cycle ovulation is due?
A. If your natural conception date is only a few days before your estimated date of ovulation, don't try to conceive unless both times favor your preferred gender, (be aware that you may increase the chance of twins being conceived) or you may conceive at either time your natural conception date OR your mid-cycle ovulation so you must be very careful !!

Supposing you do have intercourse at the time of your natural conception date, and then ovulation occurs several days later but your mid-cycle ovulation favors the opposite sex baby. You may conceive at the time of your NCD (your preferred sex), you may conceive at the time of your mid-cycle ovulation (not your preferred sex), you may conceive at both times (fraternal twins one of each sex) or you may not conceive at all.

It is better to be safe than sorry, don't attempt conception at the time of your natural conception date if it is only a few days before your mid-cycle ovulation UNLESS you are absolutely sure both times will favor your preferred sex and you are aware that your chances of twins may be increased.

Sperm can survive for up to 5 days, only very experienced cycle charters with extremely regular cycles would be able to estimate ovulation accurately enough to risk it.

Q. You provide information on how to increase your chances of twins, how can I decrease my chances of twins?
A. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to conceive twins or that you will be able to avoid the conception of twins but here are some things we believe should be taken into consideration

The conception of twins we believe is a combination of any of the 3 things listed below.

A high intake of Folic acid

A strong family history of twins

A close proximity of the Natural conception date to the time of your mid-cycle ovulation.

(Taking Clomid is another factor that can increase your chances of conceiving twins)

To avoid twins we would recommend that you

Do not have an overly high intake of Folic acid, stick with the minimal recommended dose,

For the woman to try not to orgasm at the time of your conception attempt to avoid spontaneous ovulation,

Try only when your natural conception date and mid-cycle ovulation are at least 1 week apart, (the further apart the better !)

Do not have intercourse every day of the month to try to conceive, time your one conception attempt perfectly, so that it is a single act of intercourse that results in the conception.

And keep your fingers crossed that the egg does not divide into two.....

Q. Does your system work for everyone ?
A. Unfortunately not, there have been a handful of women who have tried almost everything to conceive their preferred sex and still conceived the opposite sex.

It may have been that their Cervical Mucus pH was abnormally high or low, their birth time may have been wrong, they may have had a faulty opk reading or some other unknown factor that we have no control over.

The fact of the matter is that no gender selection method is 100% foolproof, if you feel that you would be bitterly disappointed at the thought of conceiving another boy or another girl, then you should NOT try to conceive again.

There is still a small possibility that you will not be successful and you should only try our system if you would be happy with either sex but even happier if you were able to sway the odds to the sex of your choice.

This is very important !

All children are angels sent to us from Heaven, to be loved and cherished, and are sent to us to fill our lives with joy and happiness.

Each and every child we are blessed with deserves our complete unconditional love and acceptance.

Q. When trying to conceive a girl should I try to coordinate the O+12 method, or have intercourse 3 - 4 days prior to ovulation?
The recommendations are for two different timing methods, you can either;

Have intercourse 3-4 days prior to your anticipated ovulation (this would only be possible if you were an extremely experienced charter with very regular cycles and had checked the gender predictor for your date of ovulation and the result was 90% or higher for a girl) using this option if you happened to ovulate earlier or later than expected your chances of success may be affected.


you could use the O+12 method and have intercourse 12 hours after ovulation has occurred. Using this method you would have a greater chance of success because you would not be guessing when ovulation would occur you would have used opk's and would have intercourse only when the conditions of your ovulation favored a girl 90% or higher.

So you decide which timing method is best for you, if your cycles are extremely regular and you are certain which cycle day you will ovulate on, then you can try the 3 - 4 days prior to ovulation method however if you are not so sure of your usual day of ovulation, or your cycles are unpredictable it would be best to use the O+12 method, to avoid any mistakes being made.

Q. What is the distinction between my "natural conception date" and my "mid-cycle ovulation"?
Your mid-cycle ovulation as you probably know is approximately 14 days prior to your next period date.

That is; in a 28 day cycle most women ovulate on either cycle day 13,14 or 15.

At the time of your mid-cycle ovulation (provided the man and woman are gynaecologically healthy) if intercourse takes place between 5 days prior to ovulation and 2 days after ovulation there is a chance that conception can take place.

Your natural conception date is completely different. From the womans birth details we work out her biorhythm cycle and every 28-29 days after the time of her birth is what we term the natural conception dates. Many women who have never been on the pill and have led a very health conscious lifestyle find that their mid-cycle ovulation is their natural conception date. However the majority of women's natural conception dates are no longer mid-cycle.

Some women who have intercourse at the time of their natural conception dates and reach a high level of excitement can spontaneously ovulate at that time, and conceive.

Our most incredible success story comes from a lady who had tried unsuccessfully for 16 months to conceive, the first month she tried the Smart Stork System her natural conception date (for a girl) happened to be on her cycle day 28 in a 29 day cycle. Putting complete faith in our system ~ she had intercourse, reached a high level of excitement and conceived a beautiful baby girl.

We do not know why some women do conceive at this time or why others do not but it is worth taking note of, and planning your conception attempt with the natural conception dates in mind.

Be aware that if your natural conception date is for example 4 days before your mid-cycle ovulation you must NOT have intercourse unless you are positive your mid-cycle ovulation will occur when conditions favor your preferred sex.

It is possible that conception could occur at the time of your natural conception date, at the time of your mid-cycle ovulation, at both times or not at all. So careful planning is required when the dates are close together.

Q. What date format do you use? I entered 3/2/2003 is the result for the 3rd of February or the 2nd of March?
A. We go by the DD/MM/YYYY date format so the day of the month is first then the month, then the year....When using Smart Stork 3/2/2003 is the 3rd of February ~ this is the date format used in Australia not America, so be sure to double check the date you enter and that you understand which date your result is for.

Your natural conception dates will be a 24 hour period (not an entire month)
eg. A natural conception date shown as 3/2/03 9am - 4/2/03 9am is to be read as
The 3rd of Feb at 9am until the 4th of Feb at 9am, this is not to be read as the 2nd of March until the 2nd of April.

Q. What do I get when I become a member?
We have 4 main services available 
Our Gender Selection programs,
A Twins program
Fertility Advice 
and for those already pregnant our Fun Gender Predictions package
  Please take a look at a detailed list of what you receive and how much each program costs here

Q. Are all details recorded on my file, and how do I access my file?
A. Yes we keep a record of every detail that you enter into our system, so at a glance we can see your LMP or date of ovulation on any given month. It is updated when you have conceived and again when you have confirmed the birth of a baby boy or a baby girl so that we can keep accurate statistics in relation to the % you are given at the time of conception.

Unfortunately these files used are for our own records and we have not made any provision for members to access their own files. We would assume that you keep a record of your own LMP and cycle length anyway.

Q. OK I want to join now ~ what can I expect to happen and what do I get ?
A. When you pay your membership fee online you will be directed to our questionnaire page (please be patient this may take a few minutes). When the questionnaire page appears you will need to fill in all your details as accurately as possible ( please do not leave any lines blank or the process will return an error message !! ).

Once you have clicked on the continue button the order process is complete. Next (within a few seconds) you will be sent an email containing your membership login details, and then you will have access to The Smart Stork System for the next 6 or 12 months absolutely free. If you do not receive this email or your computer crashes somewhere in the middle of the order process ~ Please let us know ASAP !! we cannot help you to complete your membership if we do not know that a problem has occurred.

You will not receive anything else except a newsletter every now and again.

Q. I paid my membership but nothing happened so I tried to go back and I lost the page??
A. Be patient, the next page will appear as long as you are patient and do not try to go forward or back during the process.

You will need to let us know ASAP so we can send you a new questionnaire page to fill in, we will enter the details for you and send you your login details via email at our earliest convenience.

Please don't panic !! if you have paid ~ you will receive your membership, just let us know that there has been a problem and we will fix it ASAP.

Q. My emails are not being replied to, what can I do?
A. Unfortunately when we attempt to answer some emails they bounce back to us with an error message, we try to send them again and again to ensure you get your reply but a few just keep being sent back to us.

You could send us an alternative email address if your emails are not being replied to within 48 hours (even if you have to set up a hotmail or other free email address for this purpose).

We do either post an answer on the F.A.Q page or send a personal email to every email we receive ~ so if you haven't received a reply chances are there is a problem with the emails going through.

Q. Can I use the program on an ipad or iphone
A. No sorry not at this stage ~ the information is visible but the program wont work on smart phones, ipads, iphones or tablets.

Thank you,

If you have a question for Smart Stork – send your question in an email and it will be posted on the site with the answer.


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