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Dietary recommendations for preconception, to restore hormonal balance and to increase fertility.

Good nutrition not only increases fertility and promotes a problem free pregnancy, it also has shown to lead to children born with: even and beautiful features, well formed skulls, good posture, no allergies, no mental retardation, advanced development, and well balanced emotions.

To maximize the chances of conceiving, and to ensure a healthy baby is conceived, the mother and father to be have to adopt healthy eating habits.

Some vitamins and minerals are responsible for the production and regulation of sex hormones, elastic cervical mucus, sperm formation and production, a healthy uterus and reproductive tract all imperative for a successful conception attempt, and for the ability for strong effective contractions necessary during labour and delivery.

Certain Vitamins and mineral deficiencies are responsible for the chances of a woman developing post-natal depression, stretch marks, cracked nipples, suffering unnecessarily from morning sickness and tearing at the time of delivery, there are others responsible for increased risk of miscarriage, premature labour, birth defects, still birth and cot death.

Other deficiencies are responsible for learning and behaviour problems in children, clef palate and eye abnormalities, spinal chord damage, children who cry excessively and are jittery unsettled babies, along with a whole host of other possible problems and congenital abnormalities.

Good nutrition is imperative as is the avoidance of all drugs, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined carbohydrates and sugars, pre-packaged, deep fried food, highly processed foods, salt (Celtic sea salt or herb salt is preferred), saturated fats, chemicals and additives.

We supply you with a detailed list of all Vitamins, Minerals, Superfoods and Foods to Avoid (with alternatives offered) with the importance of each; in all aspects of fertility and reproduction outlining the dangers of deficiencies, the specific importance of each for female and male fertility and for the optimum health or potential dangers for your unborn baby.

We include the RDA (the recommended daily allowances), cautions and the food sources rich in each of the vitamins and minerals etc.

It is a must for anyone thinking about trying to conceive !

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