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Smart Stork Gene Pool Program

There are so many things that run through our minds when we find out we are pregnant. Will I have a boy or a girl, when am I due, what name will I choose, what will my baby look like ? would it make it easier to choose a name if you had an idea of what your baby will look like ? We thought so and this is why we designed the Gene Pool Program for those curious to find out what your baby should look like based on your genetics.
Did you know that if you have green eyes and your partner has blue eyes your baby has a greater chance of having green eyes like you than blue eyes like him.........
When you purchase the Already Pregnant Package you will have the use of the Smart Stork Gene Pool Program so you can find out what characteristics your baby will inherit from you, and what characteristics your baby will inherit from your partner.
If you have dimples and your partner doesn't can you guess if your baby has a high chance of having dimples or not ? no need to guess.... to use the Gene pool program now click on Already pregnant in your active services above then get started, all you have to do is enter mums and dads details and within a few seconds you will find out what your baby should look like.
If you would like to get started using your Gene Pool Program then click on Gene Pool Program in your Active Services above.
If you haven't purchased the Already Pregnant Package yet and you would like to click on the button below


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